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LP-3015D.laser cutting machine is independently developed by ACME.
Laser with simple and compact structure.
The structural parts are adopted by Haas USA,
Mazac Japan, Yingyuan Taiwan and COLGAR Italy.
Gantry milling machine and other high precision CNC
machining center from the processing.
Product Video
  • ACME Intelligent Operating System

    Super powerful parameter library, supporting the humanized parameter interface, can operate in real time.Supporting remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, real-time problem solving equipment.

  • Full Cover Design

    Independent research and development of a comprehensive shield system, to achieve all-round protection, efficient radiation protection, pollution prevention, light pine to create a green and safe working environment

  • Intelligent Full Travel Chuck

    Independent research and development of the full stroke chuck, no manual adjustment; Intelligent pressure feedback system, according to different pipe diameters and thicknesses automatic pressure adjustment intelligent identification and holding of all kinds of pipe, real-time detection and alarm, safe and efficient visible. 

  • Design Concept

    Unified family language, bright color block segmentation modeling, trendy suspension lights;Large acrylic window for real-time monitoring;Clever LOGO headlights...Let the product more pleasant operation experience and man-machine interaction.

Product Details
  • 1The bed is strictly heat-treated.
  • 2The main engine adopts Japan Ankawa motor, 4 servo motors in total.
  • 3Interactive cutting table, fast exchange speed, higher cutting efficiency.
  • 4All screw holes above 4mm of the whole bed are planed by COLGAR large milling machine.
  • 5The whole machine adopts electric timing oil pot, which can reduce the equipment loss caused by the failure of lubrication.
Product Advantage
  • Flexible Well
    New product development does not need to re-open mold, greatly shorten the development time of new products, reduce the cost of development.
  • High Speed
    For carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials into high speed,high quality laser cutting.
  • High Precision
    Fast speed, high precision, what you seeis what you get.
  • A Molding
    One - time molding, avoid cutting off traditional processing, grinding and other processing processes, save cost,improve efficiency.
  • Strong recommendation:
    affordable price, strong performance, suitable for optical fiber laser cutting demand is relatively large enterprises to choose to buy.
  • Friendly tip:
    optical fiber laser cutting equipment is plate cutting equipment, if you need tube plate all-in-one machine, please visit the website tube plate all-in-one machine or tube all-in-One machine series.
Technical Parameter
ModelProcessing area(L×W)
PowerX axis track
1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W1520mm
Y axis trackZ axis track
X,Y axis positioning accuracyX,Y axis repeat positioning accuracy
X,Y axis max speedX,Y axis max acceleration
Max.load of worktableCNC system
2000KgProfessional laser processing system
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