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LT-6012M laser pipe cutting machine is independently developed by ACME Laser. The bed is made of steel pipe cutting and welding, and the bed chuck and other main components
Are independently developed, designed and produced by our company.The equipment is mainly used for cutting, which is suitable for with 16-240mm Diameter round tube
The Product Video
  • High Precision Centering Chuck

    The self-developed high-precision centering chuck can hold all kinds of pipes in two pairs of jaws.Intelligent pressure feedback system automatically adjusts the pressure according to different pipe diameters and thicknesses

  • Easy And Quick

    The machine has simple structure, low failure rate and easy operation.The artificial refueling time of tube material in batch processing is 10 seconds.

Product Details
  • Product Vdvantage:
  • A Molding
    One - time molding, avoid cutting off traditional processing, grinding and other processing processes, save cost, improve efficiency.
  • High Precision
    Fast speed, high precision, what you see is what you get.
  • High Speed
    For carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials into high speed, high quality laser cutting.
  • Product Configuration:
    The main machine adopts 100mm steel tube welding.
    The main engine adopts Japan Ankawa motor, 3 servo motors in total.
strong recommendation
The price is economical,
suitable for batch processing of the same type of pipe,
the optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine needs manual feedin,
can be equipped with an auxiliary feeding frame.
Suitable for factory ustomers with large pipe
capacity and infrequent pipe changing.
Technical Parameter
ModelLengthAuxiliary gaCNC system
LT-6012M6000mmOxygen, nitrogen, aiPLC
Cut pipe diameterFront chuck bearingVoltage/PowerDimension(L×W×H)
1000W 500W50KG380V/50HZ/10KWAbout 8600mm×2400mm×2100mm
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