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  • LP-6020DT17 tube plate all-in-one machine, independently developed by ACME Laser, has a simple and compact structure.
  • The cutting plate part can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. The cutting part can effectively cut pipes of 6 meters long and diameter up to 230 characters.
  • The beam is cast by aviation aluminum, the servo motor, rack and pinion, reducer, electronic components and other core components are all imported products.The structural parts are processed by Haas USA, Japan Mazac, Taiwan Yingyuan, Italy COLGAR large gantry milling machine and other high-precision CNC machining centers.
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  • ACME Intelligent Operating System

    Super powerful parameter library, supporting the humanized parameter interface, can operate in real time.Supporting remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, real-time problem solving equipment.

  • One Machine Amphibious

    The equipment has complete functions, solves the cutting problem of many kinds of workpieces, and improves the production capacity greatly;

Product Details
Product Advantage
Strong recommendation: economical price, strong performance, the board tube into one, can be cut pipe and can be cut plate.Welcome to consult and buy.
  • One Machine Amphibious
    LP-6020DT17 tube-plate optical fiber laser machine is not only for cutting plates and tubes, but also for cutting both plates and tubes.
  • Economical And Fast
    Because the ACME of the laser tube and the laser plate equipment combination, one machine can effectively processing two kinds of the shape of the material,  you can in the development of new markets and customers to achieve more the advantages of faster without investment two single equipment, reduce cover an area of an area, able to make better use of your existing resources to gain more profits.
  • Free To Switch
    Different from other combined equipment on the market, this equipment is not only a combined laser plate and tube machine, but also a separate laser tube cutting machine and laser plate cutting machine. In the later stage, according to the use of lasers and other accessories, it can be transformed into two equipment.
Technical Parameter
ModelProcessing area(L×W)
LP-6020DT17 Tube plate all-in-one machineCutting board 6000mm×2000mm;Cut pipe diameter
PowerX axis track
1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W3500mm
Y axis trackZ axis track
X,Y axis positioning accuracyX,Y axis repeat positioning accuracy
 X,Y axis max speedX,Y axis max acceleration
Max.load of worktableCNC system
2000KgProfessional laser processing system
380V/50HZ/10KWAbout 13000mm×4000mm×2200mm
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