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  • LT-6025Flaser tube cutting machine is a high-precision laser tube cutting equipment independently developed by ACME Laser;
  • The bed is welded with 25mm steel plate and steel pipe;
  • The device is equipped with a full schedule of pneumatic chuck;
  • Can cut all kinds of metal pipes of 10-250mm diameter and different shapes;
  • The fiber laser pipe cutting machine can match more than 16-170mm, 16-250mm, 16-350mm chucks
  • Can be customized to effectively cut up to 12 meters of pipe.
  • 该机器配上全自动上料系统可做全自动激 光切管机用,可以代替传统的相贯线切割 机,是光纤激光管材加工的不二法宝。
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  • Intelligent full travel chuck

  • Independe nt research and development of the full stroke chuck, no manual adjustment;Intelligent pressure feedback system, according to different pipe diameters and thicknesses automatic pressure adjustment intelligent identification and holding of all kinds of pipe, real-time detection and alarm, safe and efficient visible.

  • CE certification · European standard quality · Safety assured

Product Details
Product Vdvantage:
  • High Speed
    For carbon steel, stainless steel,copper, aluminum and other metal materials intohigh speed、high quality laser cutting.
  • Flexible Well
    New product development does not need to re-open mold, greatly shorten the development time of new products, reduce the cost of development.
  • High Precision
    Fast speed, high precision what you see is whatyou get.
  • A Molding
    One - time molding, avoid cutting off traditional processing,grinding and other processing processes, save cost, improve efficiency.
Product Configuration:
  • 1The main machine adopts 20-25 carbon steel plate welding, strict heat treatment, full plate steel plate blanking.
  • 2The main engine adopts bus servo moto.
  • 3Follow - up support design for more stable cutting.Large stroke automatic centering chuck can be used to cut any profile
  • 4 All screw holes above 4mm of the whole bed are planed by COLGAR large milling machine.
  • 5The whole machine adopts electric timing oil pot, which can reduce the equipment loss caused by the failure of lubrication.
strong recommendation:
Equipped with the automatic feeding system, the machine can be used as a fully self-moving laser pipe cutting machine, which can replace the traditional intersecting line cutting machine and is a magic weapon for fiber laser pipe processing. Welcome to consult and buy.
Technical Parameter
LT-6025F1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm 4000mm 6000mm 8000mm6000mm
Cut pipe diameteCutting tail materialY axis trac
16-220mm(Tube outer diameter)≥90mm6200mm
X axis trackZ axis tracX,Y axis positioning accuracy
X,Y axis repeat positioning accuracyChuck BearingFront chuck bearing
±0.03/1000mm500KGSquare tube, rectangular tube, round tube, etc
Floor spaceOverall machine powerTotal machine weight
The power supplThe accelerationAuxiliary gas
380v50Hz±10%1.2GOxygen, Nitrogen, Air
Maximum feed speedControl systeSupported file format
120m/minProfessional laser processing systemIGS(Can use PRO/E.UG, solidworks for drawing)
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