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  • LT-8025EA laser tube cutter is independently developed by ACME Laser;
  • The bed is made of steel plate and pipe cutting and welding, and the main components such as the bed and chuck are independently developed, designed and produced by our company.
  • The shortest tailings are only 35mm;
  • The equipment is equipped with a full-stroke pneumatic chuck, and the automatic feeding system is mainly used for cutting, molding and discharging of metal pipes, which is suitable for all kinds of metal pipes with 16-240mm diameter and different shapes.
The Product Video
  • Intelligent Full Travel Chuck

    Independent research and development of the full stroke chuck, no manual adjustment; Intelligent pressure feedback system, according to different pipe diameters and thicknesses automatic pressure adjustment intelligent identification and holding of all kinds of pipe, real-time detection and alarm, safe and efficient visible.

  • Automatic Loading And Unloading -- 15S Automatic Loading Patent Design

    ACME patented feeding mode: a feeding hole is set between the rear chuck and the base, which can directly push the pipe into the bed through the material rack with rollers. Cutting and feeding can be carried out simultaneously, which can save about 15s feeding time and maximize efficiency. After the first pipe is cut, the rear chuck returns to its position, the feeding mechanism automatically rises, and the second pipe is fed. Save labor cost and improve efficiency.

  • 0 Tailing

    Tailings Cutting, The Shortest Stroke Is 35mm, Saving Production Cost.

  • Design Concept

    Unified family language, bright color block segmentation modeling, trendy suspension lights;Large acrylic window for real-time monitoring;Clever LOGO headlights...Let the product more pleasant operation experience and man-machine interaction.

Product Details
Product Vdvantage:
  • Flexible Well
    Flexible well,New product development does not need to re-open mold, greatly shorten the development time of new products, reduce the cost of development.
  • High Speed
    For carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials into high speed, high quality laser cutting.
  • High Precision
    Fast speed, high precision, what you see is what you get.
  • A Molding
    One - time molding, avoid cutting off traditional processing, grinding and other processing processes, save cost, improve efficiency.
Product Configuration:
       该款光纤切管机又可以称作管材激光切割机、型材激光切割机,可对于圆管、 方管、矩形管、型材、角铁、槽钢、H钢等所有型材金属材料进行精细切割加工。
  • 1The main machine adopts thick wall steel tube and steel plate welding, strict heat treatment.
  • 2Adopt self - developed full - stroke automatic centering chuck.
  • 3Servo follow - up support design, more stable cutting.
  • 4The whole bed and the screw holes above 4mm are all planed and milling by imported large milling machine.
  • 5The whole machine adopts electric timing oil pot, which can reduce the equipment loss caused by the failure of lubrication.
  • 6Equipped with automatic feeding system, save labor cost, improve processing efficiency.
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Technical Parameter
ModelCutting pipe length

LT-8025EA≤8500mm;Cutting diameter 16-240mm

PowerX axis track

1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W260mm

Y axis trackZ axis track


X,Y axis positioning accuracyX,Y axis repeat positioning accuracy


X,Y axis max speedX,Y axis max acceleration


Total WeightCNC system

4 tonsProfessional laser processing system

Monitor rate(Without laser)Area


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